About us

Naya Goddess Jewelry is based in Denpasar, Bali Indonesia and also in East Java Indonesia. We employ bone carvers to make our goddess faces and silversmiths to surround the goddess face with solid 925 sterling silver. Our gemstones are of the highest quality and imported from distributors in India.

We started our business with just a few administration staff about 3 years ago. Our goddess jewelry has become so popular that we now employee 8 sales staff, 5 administration staff and about 30 silversmiths. Despite our business growing in size we all still feel like a big family and we are all dedicated to providing excellent customer service.

The inspiration for our Naya Goddess Jewelry collection comes from the philosophy of one of the first gods of Java named Semar. In Javanese history the God Semar pre-dates the Islam, Hindu and Buddhist religions. The Javanese philosophy of Semar was Naya. The word Naya means: A prophet to build and execute the command of the Javanese God for the sake of human welfare.